Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crying out for a friend

As many of you know, we have been blessed with a fabulous teacher for our kids here in Uganda. Amanda Kruppenbacher came to Uganda in June of last year to be the teacher for the missionary kids at GSF. She has been so much more. She is our neighbor, friend and co-laborer. She brings so much fun and laughter to GSF. The kids all know her as Auntie Amanda.

Several weeks ago, after finishing the school year, she decided to make a trip to the States to surprise her mom who was getting ready to have surgery. It was also going to be a time for her to relax, refresh and reflect. I got word on Thursday that she had been hospitalized for malaria that she had contracted here before she left. Saturday evening, we got the devastating word that it had progressed to a very dangerous form of malaria called Cerebral malaria. Her malaria parasite count was very high, the brain was swollen, and there were signs of meningitis. They were having to fly in the medicine to PA from Atlanta.

We called all the GSF kids together to pray for their Auntie Amanda. We all gathered together and sang some songs and then divided in groups and began to pray. It was so sweet to see big boys with little boys leading them in prayer for someone they love! These are kids who know pain and know the God who heals.

This morning we woke to find a text on my phone that said all the malaria parasites were gone! That is an incredible miracle. Something that medicine alone couldn't do in less than a day. We have been keeping track all day and have found out that the swelling is continuing to decrease.

God has done amazing things already for Amanda but she is still in ICU and still in need of a lot of prayer. He is not finished and we ask that you continue to pray for healing for Amanda. We are also asking God to use this in the lives of the kids here at GSF.


Michelle said...

I am praying. much love to all of you.

val said...

Praying with you!

Ruthie H. said...

Amy, what a neat post about Amanda. I have been praying and my church family prayed this morning. Appreciate the updates. Praying for all of you, too!

Amy said...

Thank you everyone! I will update as I hear more. Your prayers are so appreciated!

AndyKeeky said...

Praise God! We're still praying.
Andy and Keeky

Beautiful Mess said...

Praising God for His miracle and praying for continued healing.