Friday, June 11, 2010

The Art of Making a Milkshake

Mark and I were at the airport last night to drop off two teams and to greet some friends who were arriving. We decided to wait at the corner cafe down at the arrivals area. As we walked in, I saw this beautiful light-up sign with a picture of 3 tall glasses and the word "MILKSHAKES" in giant writing.

Now, I have to tell you two things. First, my husband absolutely loves milkshakes and would prefer this over any other dessert. Second, Mark is on a (somewhat futile) quest to find a good milkshake in Uganda. Just recently, Jude an Aussie in Jinja has improved hers and Mark says it is the best in Uganda.

So all that said, when I saw the milkshake sign I decided I was going to get my man a milkshake; just maybe we may find one that meets his approval. So I waltzed up to the counter and asked for a chocolate milkshake. The man looked at me nervously and said, "We don't have milkshakes."

"You don't have milkshakes?" I asked incredulously.

At that, he leaned on to counter and looked directly at me. "Madam, it is easy to make a sign," pointing to the big, bright sign that had caught my eye. "It is much harder to make a milkshake."

Ha ha! So I guess that is why we don't easily get milkshakes here. At least, he was honest.


The Fish Family said...

Love it, Amy!

Amrita said...

Oh dear this wa s funny. Better than India.

The post could also be entitled

The Ar of Making a Milkshake Sign or

The Art of making a Milkshake Vanish

rachel said...

That is so funny!! :)

Jude is awesome - Ozzie's is the best place we ate while we were in Jinja. My husband loves her steaks. :)