Friday, November 6, 2009

Reflections on Furlough

As we are half way through our 3 month furlough, I thought I would share some answers to some questions I ask the family today. Enjoy!

What is something you are enjoying in the States?
-Caralina and Mark--the orange juice
-Titus-Disney World and glasses of Milk (its not so good in Uganda)
-Megan-seeing relatives I didn't even know we had!
-Me-having our own space at times

What do you miss about Uganda?
-Mark-fruit we can fresh at the market
-Megan-Buster our rabbit and the weather
-Caralina-the kids
-Titus-running and playing with the kids
-Me-living simply

What are you looking forward to when we get back to Uganda?
-Megan-seeing the new baby bunnies (Buster the rabbit is a new papa:))
-Titus-going swimming
-Caralina-playing with the kids
-Mark-getting back into the routine
-Me-No more packing and unpacking

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