Thursday, July 16, 2009


We came to Uganda to work with close to 100 children at GSF and interact with another 250 children at the school. We share their stories and pictures with you here on this blog. However, today, I thought I’d write and show some pictures of the 3 kids who are our primary responsibility, our joy and have captured our hearts! They indeed are our favorites! Our desire is although our lives are consumed with ministering to many kids that our kids will grow up knowing they are a high priority in our lives. We are so proud of them and their roles here at GSF. Although they have their own struggles, I think they are some of the best missionaries around!


John and Vicki said...

We wholeheartedly agree! These kids are wonderful missionaries! What an example to the rest of us.

Diana said...

Great pictures of some great kids that belong to some great parents!

May our GREAT GOD continue to uphold and bless you all!