Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tiny Rose

There are times when we experience things here and can't write about it right away simply because it takes the time to think about it and allow ourselves to internalize it. Honestly, I am still processing a situation that came to our attention on Monday but I feel I must write about it to actually process it more. We had a seven year old little girl come to the orphanage on Monday weighing less than 20 lbs. Rose was getting very little if any nourishment, stimulation or exercise. Her legs are crossed and her arms are very stiff. The story is that she was a typical baby and toddler until at 2 years old she got sick. She didn't get proper treatment so she became much of what she is now. Her mother ran off and her grandmother who shows affection for her has been caring for her. However, her grandmother's health is failing; therefore, so has Rose's condition. We are still trying to find out more about Rose and her story so we know best how to help her but as she is getting fed and exercised throughout the day she is getting stronger. On Monday and Tuesday, she was non-responsive and had a very blank look and a faint cry. By Wednesday, she was responding to sounds and voices and has continued to look and respond better everyday. My heart aches and emotionally it has been hard but God has her in a great place now where she will be loved, fed and nurtured. Please pray for tiny Rose as she blossoms into what God has for her. This picture was taken on Wednesday...

The picture below is of Rose on Friday with several new things to help her improve.

The physical therapist who comes every week told me we should try to get a special pillow made for her to help her sit up. When I showed him a picture of a boppy pillow, he said "exactly!" I took the picture and some fabric to our tailor at the orphanage and he made this for her within a day. One of the nurses from the team who was here, suggested we keep shoes on her and put gauze in her hands to help them open up.


val said...

We will be praying for you and her! Thanks for sharing prayer requests. May God strengthen you as you minister!

Sara said...

Amy, I could never have imagined how bad it was until I saw the picture. Bless her heart, will be praying for little Rose. Your work is not in vain. She would have certainly died had she not found you.