Sunday, March 1, 2009

Never a dull moment

Last night, my girls and I were in the kitchen washing and peeling potatoes and carrots when I heard the house mother of the little boy's home yelling through my window. She yelled "Aunt Amy, Aunt Amy, Joshua is dying!" Talk about shivers going up and down your spine and dropping everything you are doing (in fact I left the water running in the sink) . I yelled to Mark and he ran out the door while I started calling people. Fortunately soon after, Mark sent me a text saying, "Everything is fine for now." I let me kids know and went on over there.

Joshua is 2 years old and was being treated for malaria. It is thought that he had a seizure due to the fever from the malaria. Mark took him and the nurse to the hospital last night. This morning they determined that Joshua also has pneumonia so he is the hospital for one more night. Please pray for Joshua as he heals.

A little background on Joshua is that he was found in a nearby city abandoned. He came to the orphanage just a few days after we moved here. He yearns for security and love. We would appreciate your prayers for him in this as well.

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