Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We brought our entire curriculum with us to homeschool the kids but I was planning on waiting until August or September to begin. However, when we got here, our kids discovered that all the other kids here were in school, so they asked if we could go on and start homeschooling. It seemed the obvious thing to do as my kids were eager to start and it would help us get on the same schedule as the ones here. So we have started slowly and have gradually gotten into a routine. It has been nice because I do not feel rushed or pressured because we started a few months early. We have been able to have days when we don’t do any school and others when we have done a lot. Also, I had a friend who told me to take advantage of the learning they will do just from being in a new culture. One day, we went to a hospital nearby because Mark and some others wanted to see if it was a good alternative for treating the kids at the orphanage. While we were out, we also went to the mill where they grind the maize for poscho (a main staple here in Uganda and the food the GSF kids have every day at lunch). We also toured their sugar cane fields and vanilla bean plantation. What an education our kids got that day!


Renae said...

Great to hear that you've gotten started. It sounds as though they will get an incredible education. God Bless-

Stephen and Kelly said...

I enjoyed so much reading your newsletter. Sounds as if you all have so much work to do plus so many opportunities. It is great to see the way God is using your family.

Kelly Doolittle

notes on the journey said...

hi there amy
your blog is so good. i just found it and read and read. we pray that God will continue to bless your work there. praying for titus's arm to heal well.
tell mark david and i say hi

kim durham